Backyard Patio Roundup! Decorating your outdoor living spaces & protecting them from the Sun


Welcome to my backyard! Let me start by saying living in Florida for almost 8 years I have learned that what goes outside must come back inside! The Florida sun destroys everything (but I still love it)!  When we bought our home five years ago my parents House Warming gift to us was our Patio Table & Umbrella.  This table sat out in the sun for 3 years and literally looked like it was 100 years old! (This was a Martha Stewart set from Home Depot).  The cushions were completely shot between the fading and mildew and just YUCK we tossed them.  The table and chairs I sanded and spray painted to literally make them look BRAND NEW again! We learned our lesson and had a sun Lanai roof built off the back of the house and now the table stays there.  I purchased some new cushions for the chairs and after one year they still look brand new.  You can see our outdoor kitchen in the background, that gets covered every Sunday night with a huge tarp until Friday.  Doing this has really helped protect the grill, granite and fridge from sun damage.

patio decor2

We sit out here often for dinner almost every weekend and my favorite thing to do is bring out everything on trays.  When ever I see trays on sale I buy them! These plastic plates have held up for years now and you wont believe where they came from…The GROCERY store! Every summer the grocery store pulls out some cute patio stuff!! I love these plates because they match my favorite summer napkins.  The napkins and rings shown were actually my mothers that she let me have :).  I finish off this table with bamboo placemats and a bamboo tiered tray I purchased at Pier1.  Its perfect to hold the napkins and rings when carrying them in and out.


How cute is this tray!!?? This is a current Marshalls find that I fell in love with! I’ve been using this tray to carry out all the plastic plates and silverware each weekend.



In my backyard you need lots of citronella candles! The bugs at night are craziness.  We have tiki torches surrounding the whole yard that we use and I try to pick up citronella whenever I see it for a good price.  This year HomeGoods has started pulling out all their cute galvanized outdoor candles.  I love these three and the pretty colors they came in.


This three tiered tray is new this year for me.  It came from SAMS Club and only cost $25! Its huge too! I tested this out the past weekend and LOVED it! .  You can see I threw straws, napkins, cups, drinks, lemons, suntan lotion…you name it! Its very sturdy which made loading it up and carrying it back inside simple! Excellent buy!


We wanted an outdoor clock that we could see while in the swimming pool which meant it would be in mostly sun and exposed to all the elements.  We finally found this awesome “slate” outdoor clock at Home Depot for $35.  Its a pretty decent size and I liked the look.


This is some of our actual “décor” that stays outside and is holding up great since its not in the sun.  The anchor is already one year old (from Kirklands) and still looks brand new.  The sail boat and fish came from Marshalls.  The outdoor Palm tree lamp (with coconut lightbulbs!) was a garage sale find! We scored two of them for super cheap!  This décor is sitting on a large teak wood bar that we bought from ACE Hardware. We use it as a TV console since we already have a TIKI bar, also from ACE Hardware.


The are my favorite pots EVER!  I literally have 5 of these.  They are HUGE, heavy and hold up outside awesome!  Home Depot carries them every year and they cost $19!


This dark stained cooler chest is something we get a lot of compliments on.  It came from ACE Hardware.  It also stays under our lanai so it has been protected from the sun and still looks great.  The rest of our patio furniture sits out in the sun and every Sunday evening we bring the cushions under the lanai roof.  This is helping prolong their life but they are still fading.

You live and you learn. I’ve learned unless I want to buy all new patio décor each year I need to keep things out of the sunlight! 🙂




Easter Egg Display


Easter is only a few days away so last night the girls and I dyed some eggs! I was thinking about how I wanted to display our eggs this year and knew I wanted to use one of my cake stands. Originally I figured I would take some easter grass I have (in just about every color) and place the eggs on top but then I remebered the old book I had used to create my book bunny frame. I cut up some tiny strips, crinkled them and placed our eggs on top of that!  I love the way this turned out! Super easy and super cheap but SUPER cute!!

Decorating for Spring on a budget! SunnyChicHome Spring Home Tour

spring tour heading

Hello Friends! Spring time is here and it’s so much fun adding little touches of greenery to our homes!  I have made the inside of my home feel bright and cheery by adding a few simple (cost efficient) touches! Come on in and take a look!

spring tour11

Well the first and easiest thing to do is switch out your blackboard art! By no means am I an artist so for me a little phrase and easter eggs is all I added to mine! (Free spring décor right there!)

spring tour6

This is the spring wreath I added to my front door.  I got this wreath two years ago during the end of summer sale at JoAnns so it was 70% off! Now each year I can’t wait to pull it back out.

spring tour3

Spring time means lots of beautiful fresh flowers everywhere! I picked up my Tulips from our neighborhood WalMart! They have little bouquets of them for $4.99! Really! At this price it makes it no big deal to switch them out as they dry up 🙂

spring tour4

As much as I love fresh flowers, faux ones can be just as pretty! I picked up this gorgeous potted orchid at my Marshalls for $11.99! Such a deal!

spring tour9

This is my favorite candle hurricane from Target! I love how you can fill the bottom with anything and switch it out for seasons. I took some plastic eggs I had leftover from the kids baskets each year and chalk painted them then hot glued on some twine! Paired next to my Waterford Cross (I keep out all year, it was a wedding gift) makes the perfect little vignette!

spring tour8

I didn’t go crazy on the bunnies but I did pick up this whitewashed one from Marshalls this week for $7.99. There was no way I could NOT buy it! He found his home up on the TV Console along with a large faux boxwood planter I purchased a month ago for $24!! That sucker will be staying out all year!

spring tour13

This is the little corner of my kitchen desk.  You can see I placed my faux Orchid here along with an old picture frame I had chalk painted.  The frame usually holds handprint artwork my daughters make but for Easter I switched it out with a book bunny! This craft was so easy it took me 5 minutes. The cotton tail is just two cotton balls!

spring tour10spring tour2

Oh how I love my new planter! My husband and I purchased two pieces of fence board from Home Depot to make this.  I sanded it, painted it white, sanded it again, and added a dark stain using a rag.  I filled it with mason jars and glass vases I already had at home and trimmed some green bushes we have out back. Tada! I am literally in love with this piece! total cost probably $3!

spring tour12

I picked up this galvanized pail at Marshalls this week on clearance for $6! I still cant decide if I am going to transfer one of my Aloe plants into it or keep my preserved boxwood inside.  Currently this is sitting on my kitchen cart along with some faux lemons.

spring tour14

Here is my console table rearranged for spring.  The only thing I added was my Joanns Crate (that is usually under the table) and my Crate and Barrel tray.  I cant believe I never thought to use this tray as décor before!

spring tour5

This is the stock photo of the dried lavender bunches I purchased from Amazon this week.  I paid $9 a bundle! They will be going in my galvanized IKEA watering can! Can’t wait!

spring tour1

For my ottoman tray I simply “springified” it by bringing my flower crate from the desk.  Sometimes moving around décor you already have is the best way to redecorate!

spring tour7

My entry wall shelf got a burst of spring with yet another JoAnns wreath I purchased after season.  These wreaths never go out of style so don’t be afraid to buy  after season!

spring tour15

Lastly, this is my little DIY grapevine wreath.  Grapevine wreaths are cheap enough already but I actually got this  one from GoodWill and repurposed it.  A $2 wood letter painted and three faux hydrangeas instantly make this a sweet little piece of décor!

Hope you all enjoyed my Spring Home Tour! (on a budget!)



Friday Favorites! White Bedding Sets!


There is just something about white bedding! It’s so luxurious like your staying at a fancy hotel! Right?! Or am I just crazy! Lol. Well anyway I have gone through my fair share of white comforter sets and duvets over the years so I’ve learned to not spend hundreds on them. For example my beloved DKNY white duvet I registered for on my bridal registry! It lasted me two years before one too many spills or scuffs or markings and that was before kids! Now, I’ll be happy if anything white lasts a year.. Seriously! With that being said here are six fabulous white bedding sets for under $100! (Okay I lied one is over $100😉)

See picture collage up top! I’ll be naming from top left and across…

1. Overstock

Lush Decor Venetian (queen) $88

2. Wayfair

Madison Park Marlow 7piece Set (queen)  $99

3. Joss and Main

Marnie 8 Piece Set (queen) $79

4. Target

Threshold Seersucker $49 (king) Sidenote:this is my bedding and I love it!!

5. Target

Simply Shabby Chic Ruched (queen ) $80 however right now you can get another $10 off with code: decorate

6. Overstock

Lush Decor Avon (queen) $147 but totally worth it!! This set is GORGeous!!

Hope you all like these options if you’re in the market for some new white bedding!



$5 DIY Chandelier


I was on the hunt for a non electric Chandelier for my daughters room.  I really fell in love with the “lily” chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids (and it was even on sale).  Right before I went to checkout online I thought “let me check the dimensions.” Glad I did because it was 3 feet long.  The fixture was going directly over my almost 4 year olds bed which is already high.  So I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of pulling on it.  It was also made out of paper material and thought these two things equaled this chandy being ripped apart.  So I started searching on Pinterest and came about these wax paper chandeliers you make! This idea was right up my alley!

Some of these tutorials require ironing three pieces of wax paper together to make each “capiz shell”.  I wasn’t feeling that since it was just going in my daughters room and I doubt she cared lol.  Also most women sewed each shell to make the strands/lines of shells.  I don’t know how to sew!  I found some that glued the shells to white ribbon ( I thought that looked kind of silly.) So I tried out fishing line (looked the most like thread) then wondered how I could attach. Glue wasn’t working and I thought how about tape!? YES!  You couldn’t even see the tape! Could this be any easier!?! Okay here is the breakdown and what you need.


-hanging plant basket (got mine from Dollar Tree. $1)

-paint (to paint your basket, I chose white)

-fishing line

-scotch tape

-wax paper (I only used one roll $2.97)

-circle punch (optional..I don’t have one so I just traced a circle about 1.5 inches and cut all my wax paper. I cut ten sheets at a time)

-hot glue gun


Okay so the top left picture is my hanging basket painted white (I later did another coat ).  I cut all my wax paper into strips and then squares. I took ten squares at a time and cut my circles. This is probably the most tedious part but as an elementary teacher I never minded a little cutting!!   Next I took my piece of fishing line and attached ten wax paper “shells” by using a tiny piece of scotch tape.  You continue making strands like this until you’ve covered your basket.  I started with the inside circle of the basket.  I chose to place 6 shells coming out the bottom and the other 4 on the line to come over to top.  You can chose what ever style you like.  I was trying to create more of a cascading capiz chandelier.


Once you finish the bottom circle of the basket go ahead and move to the top.  I made sure each line of shells overlapped a little to help fill in the fixture.  This was at my halfway point! It was really starting to look like a chandy! For the top layer I also did a 4/6 split of the shells to continue the cascading look.  Once your basket looks full enough to you all you need is to dab a little hot glue at the top of each fishing line (that folds over the basket rim) to secure the strands.


Here is the finished project! I was pretty pleased with myself and my daughter LOVES it!  I hung the basket with a ceiling plant hook.  It may not compare to the Lily chandy but I’m pretty sure my daughter doesn’t mind!!

Have a great day!



Who Doesn’t love a good Before & After….

desk before

I don’t know about you but I LOVE looking at Before & Afters! They are so motivating and I can’t get enough of seeing home transformations.  This post is not a lot of blogging…more pictures…but that’s fun right??!!

We have lived in our house for just about 5 years now and slowly we have been transforming everything.  It’s a long process and we STILL have things I would love to change (without breaking the bank).  A lot of painting and simple changes have happened and have made a BIG impact .

The top picture was one of our projects last year.  I had a large kitchen closet when you entered the house through the garage door.  I already had a pantry so this closet just seemed to collect junk.  We decided to change it into something more useful.  A desk and bar! We had to cut out a large section of the wall (which allowed sunlight to stream into the dining room!! :))  We added some granite counters, lighting and cabinets! I love the end result!

kitchen before

Kitchen! Oh my word! (all before pictures are from BEFORE we moved in)

kitchen table before

Breakfast area! Is the pink wall hurting your eyes? Look away!!!

living room before

Our Living room…cozy. Getting rid of those walls really helped open up the space.

dining before

Say What?!? This is probably one of my favorite “before”s…to me it looks like a totally different room! You can see how much light comes in from opening up the wall!

front door before

Hellllllo red entry hallway! Paint really changed this space and we switched out the cherry wood railing top for some granite.

bathroom before

This was the master bath renovation we just completed last month.  Sooo much better! The luxurious garden tub hiding behind that shower curtain got removed and replaced with a walk in travertine shower.

bathroom tub before

Well that completes the first half of this fun journey! I’ll save the bedrooms and second bath for another time!

Have a great day friends! I’m probably going to be painting a room today! Haha (for real though) 🙂



DIY Polka Dot Wall

polkadot wall play tent

I’ve been slowly working on switching up the nursery to a “big girl room”.  This room originally was a light aqua color with large white stencil patterns on two of the walls.  I figured I would change one large and one small wall to this fun pink “cotton candy” color.  The aqua walls were stenciled by using a pattern from Cutting Edge Stencils.  (Which was a little pricey) but totally worth it! For these polka dots I figured I could easily make a DIY stencil and not even have to leave the house for supplies! I was right!

What you need:

-Poster Board


-Foam Brush

I started by deciding what size polka dot I wanted and searched around the house for an object relevant in size. (I ended up tracing the bottom of a décor watering can.)

Trace the object on your poster board and cut out the inside of the circle you traced.

polkadot foam brushpolkadot stencil

You’re ready! Hold up the “stencil” to the wall and get your foam paint brush ready.  When stenciling with paint you need to blot the foam brush…you do not brush.

polkadot wall

There you go! Its literally that simple.  Place your stencil around the wall until you’ve reached your desired amount of polka dots! I tried to make them more concentrated along the top and lessen as they moved down the wall.  So did you even have to leave the house?  Even if you did have to run to Target or Walmart Poster Board is around .77 and foam brushes are about $1.   I love cheap and EASY DIY projects!

polkadot half wall

(This picture was taken halfway though…you can see I decided to also add a few random GOLD polka dots! I added three once the wall was finished. )

polkadot wall play tent

Have a great day!